Get Your Garden Ready!

Having a case of spring fever yet? The recent warm weather has me more motivated than ever to complete my to-do list!  Here are a few things you can do to get a head start on spring and cure that spring fever…

 Plan your garden and start seeds indoors

Vegetables- While some seeds like carrots, beans and salad greens, can be directly planted into the garden, many require a head start indoors.  Depending on the germination time requirement, we are quickly approaching the right time to start veggies indoors such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and broccoli.

Annuals- Plants that need to be replanted annually can also get a head start by planting them indoors   now so that they are far enough along when it is time to be replanted in your outdoor garden.  I would suggest trying Marigolds, Cosmos, Celosia, Snapdragons and Sunflowers, just to name a few.

Perennials- Some plants that come back every year can also be started indoors. Yarrow, Shasta Daisy, Coneflowers and Black Eyed Susan’s are all easily started from seed and can save you some significant dollars in the long run.

Simply purchase a seed starting blend of potting soil, which is light weight, and put it in some sort of tray, ideally one with individual portions and a clear lid to act as a greenhouse.  Plant the seed at the correct depth according to the package instructions.  Water them well and place in a bright, warm and indirect well-lit space and watch them grow.


Force early blooming branches to bloom even earlier indoors

Branches like forsythia, rose tree of china, pussy willows and other early blooming woody stems can be brought indoors now, soaked in the bathtub for a bit and put in a vase of water.  Shortly, they will be full of colorful blossoms you can enjoy indoors for weeks.  I would suggest using this as an opportunity to do some aggressive pruning on these shrubs if they are becoming too woody in your yard.  Otherwise, The Flower Shoppe has already cut dormant branches appropriate for forcing available to purchase.

Buy a bulb garden

Did you plant bulbs in your yard last fall like we talked about?  No?  Well, here is your chance to enjoy your very own colorful collection, indoors instead of out.  The Flower Shoppe at Steve’s Ace can provide you with a dish garden of various spring blooming fragrant bulbs.  Buy them early enough and you can enjoy the entire process of watching them develop.  This is particularly fun if you can involve children or grandchildren!


Cut back grasses/ perennials in the garden

On those exceptionally warm days feel free to get into the garden and begin cutting back the grasses and other perennials you let die back naturally last fall.  This makes it easier to enjoy as soon as the weather stays consistently warm and those plants begin to come back from the root.  Add this debris to your compost pile so that you have a valuable soil amendment beginning to develop for your garden.


Clean out winter décor pots and plan spring look

Pansies are great cold weather tolerant annuals that add a pop of color to your porch pots and should be available for purchase very soon.  Team them up with some festive Pussy Willow Branches and you have a charming spring look.


Grill out!

Nothing screams summer and warm weather like a kabob on the grill.  Although my family grills all year round, when the weather is nice it feels great to spend time outdoors while the meal is cooking and enjoy the aroma of the food as it cooks.  Check out our complete outdoor grilling area that features popular brands like Weber and Big Green Egg.

Sara Selchert Carpenter

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