New Items at Steve’s Ace

One of my favorite things about running a family business is when we attend trade shows to see the latest and greatest in products for the home and garden. We just returned from a Chicago trip that included two back to back tradeshows; The Independent Garden Center Show (IGC) and the Ace Hardware Convention. While I constantly seek out cool new items that I find interesting, I find it is also smart to look at where the other attendees crowd. That’s usually a great indicator of what will be a hit in our stores. Here is your very own sneak peek into some of the cool items we will have in store for you this coming spring:

Tree Diaper. Yes, this is actually a thing. Similar to that of a tree gator watering vessel, this one refills itself when it rains, which eliminates one more step to successful tree growing; consistent watering. Trees and other plants wick the moisture as they need it which delivers just the right amount of water.

Pottery is always something that impresses me at these shows, however, it’s fair to say that after looking at line after line of similar textures and prints, it all becomes a blur. These particular containers really stood out to me and I have thought of them regularly since previewing them last month.
Drunkin Dragonfly Spoon art. Handmade, whimsical, fun, affordable. Unique artsy gift option for the gardener who has everything!

And then there are the typical quirky garden decor pieces that are always catching a laugh….

Garden Solutions/ Organics…
Solving everyday garden issues and problems is always a high priority for us. Not surprising, the organics movement continues to grow and more products are being developed. One of my favorite organic product lines is Dr. Earth and they recently introduced Final Stop, a natural solution to non-selective weed control products like Roundup.

Have a black thumb? Struggle to get plants up and going? Bonide Root ‘n Grow, a long time favorite at Steve’s Ace, has partnered with us to extend a 2 YEAR warranty on every plant you purchase from us and plant using their starter fertilizer solution. I am sure this will benefit many of our customers this coming growing season!

Stay Hold Trunk organization system: Prevent groceries, home improvement supplies, or anything else you might carry with you in your trunk from slipping around creating a mess. These organizational tools use a Velcro like material to keep things in place.

EZ Flow drain tile: There is nothing fun about burying drain tile in your yard. This product helps make it less of a chore by blanketing the tile in fabric and a rock substitute making it more functional and less difficult to install.

Emu Hammock: These lightweight hammocks are easy to enjoy virtually anywhere you go. The offer many accessories to make hanging them simple. As you can tell, I enjoyed them quite a bit!

Air plants! Succulents! Oh my! Texture is the name of the game for gardening again this season. Whether it be indoors or out, the more unique the better.

DIY accessories for building Chicken Coops: These fasteners make building your own coops a breeze!

Galvanized steel modern modular raised garden kits: I LOVE the look of these kits. They lend themselves nicely to a rustic or modern landscape and are super easy to transport home and assemble.
Peel and Stick planks for creating focal walls/ Ultra Wall Panels: An easy way to create texture and depth on your walls without the typical challenges due to the lightweight nature of this versatile product.

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware: This oldie but goodie has become a popular staple in many kitchens. We look forward to offering an expanded selection of this quality, yet affordable, cookware.

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