August Garden Tips

What to do in the August Garden….

Mid- August through late September in the Midwest is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year to plant.   The ground is “preheated” yet the cool air is here or coming and the plants require less watering to take off running.  If your garden is looking a bit drab, consider adding these perennials which are just coming into full bloom; Coneflower, Sedum, Russian Sage, Anemones and Tall Phlox, to name a few.  Don’t forget that fall color that is just around the corner.  Add shade trees and shrubs known for their awesome fall foliage now and enjoy the show the next few months.   A few lesser known favorites of mine include Sweetspire, Clethra, and Aronia.

Note:  You can continue to successfully plant until the ground freezes.  However, certain plants, specifically perennials, evergreens and ornamental grasses are MUCH more successful if you get them in the ground now vs. waiting.

Now is also a great time to move or divide any perennials that have gotten too large in your garden.  Simply use a clean, sharp spade and slice them down the middle grabbing some of the foliage and root and move them elsewhere in your garden or spread the joy by sharing them with friends.

We are also quickly approaching the prime time for planting grass seed and overseeding lawns.  The seeds germinate quickly in the warm days and cool nights and will face less competition from weeds as we move into fall.   Don’t forget to apply your 3rd application of lawn fertilizer as the summer continues.

Consider planting a fall crop of veggies this month.  Leaf lettuce, Spinach, Radishes are a few easy late summer/ early fall crops that will easily take off for you.

Happy Planting!