Designer Shades Colored Mulches

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Product Overview

"Colored mulch provides an aesthetic enhancement to your property.  Designer Shades® colored mulch has the same benefits, including: weed prevention, moisture retention, and most certainly, aesthetic enhancement!

Our colored mulches are dyed using a carbon based colorant, making it is safe for the environment, plants, people, and pets.  Designer Shades mulch is produced using permium hardwood mulch and recycled materials.

The dye used to color the mulch offers UV protection to the soil.  The UV-resistant mulch is more durable than regular mulch and typically lasts longer.

And according to studies done by the University of California Cooperative Extension Office, colored mulches can provide a significant repulsion of aphids!

Available in Red, Brown & Black
Size 2 cubic feet
70 Bags Per Pallet"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review