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Party anywhere you want with the ultimate all-terrain cooler, featuring the kind of built-tough mobility that can traverse in all kinds of conditions. From grassy fields to beach dunes, from dirt roads to wooded trails, you're in good company with the Trailmate Journey. The Trailmate Journey has a 70qt capacity and can keep 112 12oz beverage cans cold with Ultratherm Technology built into the body and lid. Tie-down loops easily haul beach chairs, umbrellas and other accessories by strapping them right to the cooler. Enjoy durability down to the details with premium, stainless-steel, rust-resistant screws. Aluminum construction trust in the lightweight, rust-resistant strength of marine-grade aluminum parts for the handle and skid rails. Drain plug threaded is garden hose compatible and features a non-slip, easy-grip tethered cap. Cool Riser Technology improves cooling performance by elevating cooler from hot surfaces with Ultratherm insulation for advanced cooling performance. Ice retention insulated body and lid provide up to 4-day ice retention performance under controlled test conditions.
  • Ergonomically engineered, the curved back hugs comfortably to your body for ultimate carrying comfort
  • Swing-up handle has 3 grab/carry points for easy one-handed carrying
  • Molded side handles for optional two-handed carrying and easy lifting in/out
  • Dry storage from public beaches to secret swimming holes, keep essentials like mobile phones, keys and sunglasses handy and dry inside our water-resistant, lockable box with an anti-leak gasket
  • Storage pocket stashes your shades, sunscreen and other essentials easily and securely
  • Mobile device stand in between pictures, posts and updates, park your mobile device off the ground for easy viewing
  • Dual built-in bottle openers at your fingertips makes it easy to enjoy your refreshments
  • Suspended interior food basket keeps food items cold yet dry
  • Cup holders keep your cold ones secure and always in arm's reach
  • Removable accessory holders are used to transport and add additional support for beach umbrellas or fishing rods
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