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Learn the skills of an oceanographer and marine biologist and make a splash with the Thinkbox® Exploring Oceans STEM kit! Study salt varieties and turn saltwater into fresh water. Create your own underwater volcano. Excavate real seashells and explore all the interesting things you can find inside sand. Challenge your friends to an exciting memory game and put your knowledge of the underwater world to the test! Follow the fully-illustrated instruction booklet and dive into 10+ activities to discover what makes our oceans magnificent! This engaging science kit doesn’t just allow little ones to explore the wonders of life under-the-sea - it makes learning fun!


  • Dive into 10+ exciting marine biology activities and games with the Thinkbox® Exploring Oceans STEM kit!
  • Explore and study salt varieties to get an understanding of their differences, then turn salt water into fresh water!
  • Excavate and identify 10 real seashells - even starfish and sand dollars - to discover their unique properties, test for calcium, and more! Then, start your own marine collection with real collector cards!
  • Discover what happens inside the ocean’s layers and use removable, cling-on stickers to build your own food chain!
  • Challenge your friends and put your knowledge of the oceans to the test with a 42-piece ocean animals memory game!
  • Set Includes: 2 Measuring Cups, 1 Paintbrush, Art Paper, 1 Sticker Sheet, 1 Cling-On Sheet, 6 Collector Cards, 1 Bag of Table Salt (5g), 1 Bag of Sea Salt (6g), 1 Bag of Rock Salt (13g), 1 Magnifying glass, 1 Measuring Spoon, 1 Plastic Tray, 1 Bag of Sand (500g), Assorted Sea Shells (Including Starfish and Sand Dollar), 1 Metal Rake, 42-Card Ocean Animals Memory Game, 1 Bonus Poster, Easy-to-Follow Instructions

    For Ages:8+


(No reviews yet) Write a Review