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Chives belong to the same family as onion, leeks and garlic.  They are a hardy, drought-tolerant perennial growing to about 10-12 inches tall. They grow in clumps from underground bulbs and produce round, hollow leaves that are much finer than onion.  In mid-summer, they produce round, pink flowers similar in appearance to clover.

Growing Tips:

- chives prefer a full sun location and are tolderant of a wide variety of soils 

- chives will grow best in soils that are high in organic matter

Harvesting Tips: 

- harvest throughout the season to prevent the leaves from becoming tough and to encourage formation of new bulblets

- cut leaves towards the base about 1 inch above the soil

- flowers can be harvested for use as an edible garnish

- chives can also be frozen for later use


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