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In learning about different types of disc golf discs, drivers add distance to your game. Yet, you'll come across two different types: distance and fairway drivers. While the former travels farther on the course, it requires more skill and control.

A fairway driver, meanwhile, represents a transition between the midrange and the distance driver. It delivers more speed, has straighter flights and less skip, and can manage shorter distances. As such, players working their way up and improving their skills are recommended to hone their technique with a fairway driver before moving onto a distance driver.

Distance drivers, to be direct and succinct, give you the distance to get close to the basket on a longer shot. Among all the disc types, these deliver the greatest amount of speed due to their design, including a wider rim and sharper nose, and flight characteristics.

Of the speed ratings given to all disc golf discs, distance drivers fall from 11 through 15, based on over- to understable flight paths.

While distance drivers seem impressive when advanced and pro disc golf players use them, realize that more skill and arm strength are needed to achieve these distances and speeds, and therefore, they're not recommended for beginner players.

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